Ronn with two ‘n’s

It’s Been That Way for a While

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Ronn McCarrick, the second ‘n’ is an artifact of wishing for a misspent youth. I added it right about the same time I pierced my ear and started dying my hair; shortly after graduating high school. The piercing is still there, but I haven’t sported an earing in more than 25 years. I stopped dying my hair about the same time I lost my mullet and have gone mostly grey at this point. The second ‘n’ is still hanging around, one last reminder that I was going to be me and nobody was going to keep me down.

I have always had an inquisitive and unquiet mind and a willingness to explore and indulge my interests. I’m a dabbler, rather than an expert. I’ve indulged in a penchant for Home improvement, furniture building, remodeling, and home repair. Additionally, I’ve always been interested in technology, computers, and digital media.

This page is a placeholder for something that will one day be a dedicated professional site. I have another, less aspirational site, is my website, home to my blog, podcast, and video projects. 

Whether it be the website, the woodworking, or any of the artistic stuff, it’s all about learning new things, developing new skills, and exploring new paths. I find it very easy to give into these creative pursuits and to lose blocks of time in the office or the workshop, just exploring possibilities. Chasing the creative impulses. Daydreaming about what the next project will be. Investigating possibilities. And I count those losses as a net gain. A good loss, if you will. Because, I can think of very few skills where through effort and practice you become less competent. It isn’t about how you do it, it’s about doing it. The most important thing is to not be afraid to try something new. Keep looking into what is possible.

Ronn McCarrick

HVACR Technology, A.A.A.S.


I am a commercial maintenance engineer by trade. A heating and air conditioning technician by training and education. A writer, artist, and maker by inclination. And maybe, with a lot more practice, one day I’ll be a half decent guitar player.

The path that has led me here has been a long and winding one. It hasn’t always been easy, direct, or smooth, but I’ve garnered a diverse set of skills, seen the highs and lows of life, and come out the other side as the person you find before you. I like working with my hands and a bit of dirt or grease doesn’t bother me. I like the creative process and take inspiration from makers, builders, artists, writers, and scientists. I want to do it all, or at least dabble a bit.

The problem, today, is that if something doesn’t make you money, it’s not worth doing. I don’t believe that. It’s about indulging your creativity. And investigating what makes you happy.

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“writing it down, putting it out there, and investigating the process of creativity all while trying to figure it all out”


Ronn McCarrick

Grand Rapids, MI 49508


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